venerdì 15 novembre 2013


Patience, in life it takes patience . If one has a goal, he needs a lot of patience to get there. If one does not have it , will need even more patience to wait for everything to finish. Every so often when I see a person, I understand the story of the goals , whether they’re there or not. Sometimes I don’t . If there is one thing in which I’ve been practicing a lot in Berlin is to have patience . You need to be patient for someone to wake up, you got to have patience when others do not walk at your own speed . Patience for public transport. Patiently wait for your turn to play at the markets . Patience for everything. Perhaps, before Berlin, I considered myself a patient person . Now I know I should learn.

There is this man who is always there, with his elbows resting on the basket of his bike , looking around. Every now and then he takes the bike , makes rounds, ranging from 10 minutes ,to just, around the square . The basket of his bike is actually one of those plastic crates for beer bottles , I think 12 bottles . He's big . But not fat , in fact. He is a big guy from East Germany, That is clear, that somehow remained to be related to the fact of the wall , freedom, and everything else. Or maybe he couldn’t care less about it! He's just there for the tourists.

In Germany , as a country , in some ways , civil , there is a refund for bottles of glass and plastic . In Berlin , the capital of the universal collective uncontrolled sometimes schizophrenic party , the collection of bottles is a big business. I think there are many families who take home a half salary in picked up bottles, found at the corners of every street . As a rule, here you leave your empty bottles resting on any counter / fire extinguisher / step / crashbum ! There is broken glass everywhere. Everywhere.

His face is definable strange , it's all red and it's full of strange bubbles. Maybe he's sick and can not move much, but that’s not how it appears to be . Then if you’re sick you shouldn’t eat currywurst and noodles,right?. Maybe yes . Every now and then he turns to me, when there was Gaia perhaps preferred to look at her, ... between the two of us…! turns, smiles and nods his head , occasionally raises his hands as if to applaud, making them fall just below his chin again. He looks around . Waits patient.

A group of kids come together at dawn , we’re at the east side gallery in Berlin. A place full of energy, of history, of vibrations. Maybe those are from the Yaam , the afro reggae club down the river ..that’s maybe where they are directed to . They drink beer and swear and lash out like only the drunk English know how to , pass next to a man standing , bent on his bike with his hands under his chin, waiting . One turns , indicates the man blaspheming something else in British and then see the man who is nearing it slowly. Open arms. Going to ... no. They give him three bottles . He thanks and turns around, leaving them to their blasphemies . To him English isn’t of any interest. His bin is full. Jumps on the bike. He'll be back in no more than 10 minutes. He is always there . Waiting. Patient.

I believe, this man, can officially say that it is my biggest FAN ! I think there is no one who has seen so many concerts of GalebandtheSeagull as he did. If you count that for the whole summer we were in front of him at least two or three times a week. We greeted each other maybe 5 times. The last time I gave him a disk with a bow, because I have problems with German .

I think he likes our music.

In his own way . maybe he doesn’t care at all.

But I think he proved us that. 

Galeb . 

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