mercoledì 20 novembre 2013

Galeb and the colyflower leaves.

The market , which takes place twice a week on Maybachufer along the river in Neukölln , Berlin , is a beautiful situation. In my opinion, one of the best places for the encounter different cultures that coexist in this city. The stalls are spaced like : turkish selling fruit and vegetables, Chilean bracelets , Italian ravioli , Thai knives and fresh fruit juices … It is full of children , colors,  Turks screaming bitte bitte ein euro!!!!bitte!! bitte!! , even bored people who do not sell anything . There is everything .

Even today it is over! darkness falls on the pier between the market and the river , It’s  just me,  I leave my companion, the sound system, to the girl who sells cooked  apples, crumbles, cream and punch(try it if you pass thorugh the market, it worth! ) . I have to buy food for a dinner with friends.  I'm in a market ... Elementary Watson! I’m on the hunt. Looking for mushrooms but can not find them , try the rice and do not find it , some bergain for some horrible artichokes , vegetables  for the stock, herbs . I find the mushrooms , the boring ones ...
If you stand on the corner , at the entrance of the market, watching,  who’s going in and out, you’ll see people who do not stand out . You have to look for them. Some are very old, some less . Some of them are gypsies, others are not.                                                                                                                                As long as he doesn’t pull you a sleeve or  ask you if you have finished your drink , to have the empty bottle, you won’t  realize that that he’s just next to you. 
Often, however, they communicate a lot with their eyes, but you never know if it is the reflection of all the people whom they’ve asked for something that has stuck straight in their eyes, or an actual direct message to you .. Basically  I find them  nice, people pushing through with all their strength , to survive, life can be very tough for a penniless old man in a metropolis.

" Hello girl of the apples ! See you on Friday. " 
The time now is directed to find the rice with which I will use  for  the infamous “boring mushroom  and horrible artichokes risotto”(Sounds delitious!). In Berlin to find rice of the kind you need to make risotto is like looking for the romantic mood in the music of Korn ..      
Now I have not just guitar , trolley , rod and sack tied above , I also have three big bags of vegetables! It will be a long walk. I walk ten feet when, in  the shadow, I see two big eyes . And I see, in the dark , under a tree , an old man , super old perhaps , that want to give me , speaking in a German that, in my opinion, would not understand even a German, bags full of stuff. I look inside trying too see in the dark, there are cauliflower leaves . Many cauliflower leaves . Just the leaves. I give him 50 cents , thanking him , swearing  to myself even a little bit. I think of where tie the bag . I look like Santa Claus version pimp, with his gangster coat , a blue woolen cap , and 4 bags full of undefined things . At this point he insists to give me another  bag, and insists that I have to take it without giving him more money. He  Insists . Now I have five bags! I’m like a janitor that pulls the cart with all the garbage bags , of all classes of the school. I thank him we shake hands, he greets me and turns back to his dark corner. Under the tree.

I walk around for hours for Berlin messed up like this,  full of bags of vegetables.

Dinner with friends is a grat success.

And you do not even imagine the “cauliflower leaves soup” that has been boiling in the kitchen for a few hours  now…

I hope not to offend the carnivorous instinct of my flatmate , the rest is all health, Sustainable Health.


and Thanks for the leaves !              

Galeb .

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